Graphic Design

We offer Graphic Design services, where you can have advertisements or other publications designed for the marketing of your business' products and services...

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Website Design & Development

Do you need a website? Well choose between static, dynamic or database driven flavours. You can have your website customized to meet your liking just the way you envisioned it...

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Website Hosting & Maintenance

You may utilize our web hosting services or we can set up your website on your choice of a web host. We will also maintain and update...

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Welcome to our site

iNerd Web Solutions is a website development initiative that provides development and maintenance solutions to businesses that need to have an online presence. This will afford customers the convenience of viewing the products or services on the Internet from home or on their mobile devices to start purchasing. The online presence and advertising serves as an additional means of marketing to boost revenues. Benefits of having a website or online business include:

  • Cheaper and more flexible than print advertising
  • Expansion of market to other geographical locations
  • Customers have access 24/7
  • It offers convenience and as such customers experience a higher level of satisfaction
  • Serves as a reference for potential investors to obtain information about your company and its achievements


Not sure where to start? Take a look at our packaged deals and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Recent Work

Take a look at our most recent work. Websites that were designed or customized and other graphical designs...

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